JONATHAN WILEY is a business development executive and solutions consultant for Prometheus.  Jonathan is a veteran of the discovery industry and is a gifted consultant.  Jonathan has a knack for understanding what his clients need (as opposed to simply giving them what they want).  Jonathan has worked for software companies and services providers and has seen the best (and worst) they have to offer.  Jonathan joined Prometheus on the shared belief that boutique practices deserve the tools and expertise to interrogate data sets and get more value out of the discovery process.  Jonathan embodies the fanatical client-centric approach that defines Prometheus. 

Business Development Executive

Jonathan Wiley

Drew Lewis

DREW LEWIS is a Principal and Co-Founder of Prometheus.  Drew's career has afforded him a perspective to have vision beyond his years.  His journey into the boutique-focused practice is a result of years of frustration with the status quo in discovery, and the (misguided) belief held by some that technological disruption signals the end of lawyers.  Although he believes many lawyers will be effected by rapid technological changes, he is also passionate that the real meaning for lawyers - at least those willing to seek the help of others - will be an amplification of legal services.


Tennessee, 2008

United States District Court,  Middle District of Tennessee, 2008

Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, 2009

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