Let's be clear: discovery is not the same as document review.  

Your opponent - the one who fights you on every reasonable request, hides behind their overly-eager vendor, and then dumps useless (and usually non-searchable) information in your lap - has a simple business model: the longer things take the more money they make.  To them, discovery is a chance to start the meter and find work for legions of attorneys fresh out of law school on mind numbing doc review.  Don't be fooled - some of them talk a good game at conferences (and we should know because we've been there for years listening to their playbook), but at the end of the day most of them employ an approach to discovery that is primitive at best.  More likely, they approach discovery in a way that deprives your client of valuable evidence in the case.

That's where we come in...

Our approach is simple: by aligning interests and designing a bespoke solution that fits the needs of the current case, we are able to engage not as a mere discovery vendor, but as an indispensable member of the case team.



We begin with the end in mind. We aren't a typical discovery vendor, so we aren't hell-bent on getting you into a doc review platform designed for (and by) your adversary. We conduct an in-depth case assessment and seek to understand what you are trying to do.  It sounds simple, but trust us - typical vendors only care about how many "gigs" you have.  We understand that even smaller cases present unique discovery challenges, so by understanding what you are trying to do, we can ensure the interests of the client, the firm and us as your partner are in alignment before we begin. It sounds cliche, but we love it when our clients win.  This only happens when all interests are aligned. 


Once the initial assessment is complete, we use a "Project Design Meeting" with our technology and process improvement experts.  Even though they aren't lawyers, they have worked in the industry enough to understand the nuances of your needs.  These experts work at the direction and control of your attorneys, so everything that occurs is completely within the attorney-client privilege or the work-product immunity.  



We understand that when you look at documents, you aren't simply trying to review them.  We know your goal is to understand the story the documents are telling.  For you, discovery isn't a money maker to help pay for associate bonuses and marble-clad offices.  For you, discovery is about developing the facts that will help you win.  With Prometheus on the team, you can rest assured that your adversary will produce the documents you need, and once we receive them we will leverage the best technologies and workflows to find the documents that are critical to your case.  Our technology solutions and workflows are designed specifically to help trial counsel investigate and interrogate an adverse party’s needlessly over broad production.  

A process designed to win - not bill hours