The titan Prometheus was known for his ability to foresee events. Our experience working for the other side of the v. means we have seen the tactics that are going to be used against you. That ability to see the other side's move before it happens is vital in litigation. Whether anticipating and helping you navigate discovery challenges or leveraging a suite of analytics to determine what cases your judge will cite when ruling on your motion - Prometheus is able to help you foresee your case and plan for contingencies before they become emergencies. We have a knack for knowing today what will happen tomorrow.


Prometheus is a boutique eDiscovery law firm and services provider purpose built with your firm in mind. We work with boutiques and plaintiff firms to help level the playing field against larger law firms that frequently engage in wasteful discovery tactics that cost you time and your client money.  To them, discovery (read: document review) is a great way to keep associate productivity high and great for the bottom line.  They win, even if their client loses.


But for you, discovery is a means to an end - and we keep our focus on helping you find the documents that will make the difference in your client's case. We win when you win. It's that simple.

Prometheus was born from a simple idea - advanced discovery tactics are better suited for the firms that need to understand data, as opposed to those lawyers that merely review documents. We believe that technology - especially in the hands of lawyers who understand search and information retrieval - takes a small firm and gives them as much firepower in discovery as any BigLaw shop in the world.  We think you should work smarter, not harder.

More than a vendor... an ideal.

Foresight personified.